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Templo de Apolo
What I liked about Arykanda was that it is a Roman city in miniature. It is sign posted off the Elmali road but not many people venture the hundred kilometres from Antalya. You pulll into a fruit sellers market and to the side, a track leads up the mountain. About 300 metres along you pass a Temple and come to a covered area. It is room of mosaics almost intact, The colors are faded a little but it is still very beautiful.

Houses are terraced with small private temples and as you circle you arrive at a stone staircase, 3 meters wide which rises at a steep angle, 50 metres or so, to the upper city.
And here are the miniatures. Cutting a town out of the side of a rocky mountain is not easy. The Lycians had already done this work for the Romans, and what remains today is a Roman town. The top of the staircase emerges onto the Agora. The agora was a public place where people could socialize, sometimes shops surrounded it or not. This one is about 50 by 15 metres and has a broken marble column fallen to one side. The view is out across the valley. It is stupendous or must have been 2 thousand years ago, today the valley is deforested and plastic greenhouses carpet the lower slopes opposite. Above the agora is the little amphitheatre with its perfect acustic.
O teatro, visto a partir do estádio.
And then, if this wasn't enough, you climb to a higher level where amazingly there is a half Stadium, an eliptical area where athletic contests were held. I spent some time imagining how they could fit it all in without falling over the edge. So if you want an agora, amphitheatre and stadium half way up a mountain you have to make them a little smaller!
Nobody has done much restoration work here, it is a sleepy place. Even the attendant was sleeping, sleepy but spectacular, even Disney couldn't dream up Arykanda.

Meio estádio

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